The workshop will take place at the laboratory for interdisciplinary physics on the campus of the University Grenoble-Alpes. The program will start on Monday, June 26th after lunch (1.30pm) and end on Thursday, June  29th around noon.aa


Participation is limited to the list of invited participants accepted by the Indo-French center for advanced research.


The investigation of plastic response in amorphous solids subjected to external stresses is of interest in a wide variety of systems, from geophysical formations related to earthquakes to biological tissue, and a wide variety of soft matter systems in between from polymeric and metallic glasses, to granular matter, to colloidal suspensions and gels. At the present time, there is a tremendous amount of activity world-wide, to bring together many theoretical approaches to the study of plastic and yielding response of amorphous solids, and in related contexts, the complex rheology of soft glassy matter, and to test the theories with newly available experimental approaches and newly available computational results. A meeting between Indian and French colleagues will be of great value in promoting advances in this area, in which both countries are playing a very active role at the international level, and to foster collaborations between researchers in the two countries.


The workshop will take place at the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Physics. The conference room is located on the second floor. Access to the laboratory is described here. On the  campus map the building is labelled "PHITEM E"  in the "rue de la physique" near the tram stop "Gabriel Fauré".






Accomodation for invited speakers will be at Residhotel Grenette

The hotel is easily reached from the station either walking or taking Tram B to the Victor Hugo stop.

To reach the campus from the Hotel, take again tram B (direction: Gieres-Plaine des Sports) to  the Gabriel Fauré stop.

Note that tram tickets must be validated at th etram stop, outside the tram (blue machines).


Jean-Louis Barrat
Université Grenoble Alpes et Institut Universitaire de France
Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique
Srikanth Sastry
Theoretical Sciences Unit
Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for
Advanced Scientific Research
Bangalore - 560064


This meeting is supported by the Indo French center for the promotion of advanced research (http://www.cefipra.org/)

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